I lost 100 pounds thanks to the Apple Watch

I was approaching my birthday in 2014 and I was unhappy. I weighed over 255 pounds. I was at my lowest point professionally and had taken to what I now joke was sadness eating during lunch. Sitting at a desk in the office upwards of twelve hours a day I was putting on pounds.

I weight 255 pounds.

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Vancouver's Rapid Increase in Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Charts

Since the defacto-decriminization of marijuana in the city of Vancouver there's been a rapid increase in medical marijuana dispensaries as well as other businesses looking to make some green off the green leaves of BC Bud.

The dramatic effect that this is having on the city's economy is reflected in some stunningly made up statistics and these pie graphs released to the media by the City of Vancouver's Department of Pies and Pie Graphs.

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Chris Kluwe on #GamerGate

"Unfortunately, all you #Gamergaters keep defending this puerile filth, and so the only conclusion to draw is the logical one: That you support those misogynistic cretins in all their mouthbreathing glory. That you support the harassment of women in the video game industry (and in general). That you support the idiotic stereotype of the 'gamer' as a basement-dwelling sweatbeast that so many people have worked so hard to try and get rid of." - Read the full post on Medium

5 things since I last blogged

Rather than a long rambling post to get you up to speed here are 5 things that have happened since I was last blogging regularly.

Oliver in Target

  1. I had a son named Oliver: he's our first child and currently he's 15 months old. Not quite walking, not yet talking but still a lot of fun and work!
  2. I left EA and returned to Relic: My eight month contract at Electronic Arts got extended for an additional four months, and I had an offer to further extend it but left to return to Relic once the studio stabilized after being bought by SEGA.
  3. Travelled: Through Relic I had opportunities to travel to London and most recently Cologne Germany for Gamescom. With the family we've been to Palm Springs a few times to visit my snowbird parents and around the west coast of North America.
  4. Did I mention the baby?: Kids take up a lot of time, so have I mentioned Oliver yet? The last 15 months have been great, but often sleep deprived.
  5. Sports: Sport happens. Arsenal won the FA Cup. The Canucks missed the playoffs. The Oilers continued to draft young talent and then under perform in the league and I continue to go to Whitecaps games as a season ticket holder. 

It's been awhile...


Today I reactivated my SquareSpace account and revived my website. Looking at the most recent posts I realize that a lot has happened since I've had either the time or inclination to post here. 

My last posts saw Relic Entertainment suffering though THQ's death and a number of my former colleagues and close friends being laid off.  I was safe at EA SPORTS, but saddened by what I was seeing from the outside. 

By now though I've been back at Relic for a year and a half and the studio is flourishing after being bought by SEGA. 

Things change. Quickly. 

I'm sure whether to focus on brining you up to speed or simply forge ahead.  

Stan Lee always said that every comic was someone's first, even if it was the middle of the story. 

Welcome to the middle of my story.