Flickr stats spike


My flickr stats had a huge unexplained spike yesterday, leaping up to over 9,000 views.  Thing is none of my photos have been viewed more than 7 times for the day and the only time previously that I've seen similiar spikes was when I was linked to from the Games Workshop blog

Any other Flickr users see a sudden and unexplained spike yesterday?

Lumix GF2 first impressions

Lumix GF2A few weeks ago I wrote an article on the mirrorless camera trend for The Georgia Straight.  I tried a few out, particularly the Sony NEX which we use at Relic since the previous studio camera was stolen while on assignment.

The idea of a compact camera with interchangeable lenses and better image quality than a traditional point-and-shoot appealed to me and for awhile I was seriously considering getting the Nikon V1.  However I couldn't justify the price to myself given that I already have a serviceable Canon Rebel and a Canon S90 from a few years ago.

The Nikon is on the upper end of the price scale for these sorts of cameras so it wasn't a surprise that I was able to find cheaper alternatives.  What was a surprise was that after collecting Air Miles sporadically for nearly a decade I suddenly had enough to pick up what reviews say is a pretty decent mirrorless camera, the Panasonic Lumix GF2.  It's not the latest in the line, but it seemed to check all the boxes of what I was looking for; cheap, compact, wide selection of lenses and ability to add a view finder.

I've only played around with it a bit, but I plan on using it on my upcoming vactation.  Below are a few of the photographs I've taken with it.



The two seasons in photographs

I was trying to do these on a monthly basis, but I've gotten behind.  Here's a brief history of recent events in my life in photographs.  All of these photos and more can be found on my Flickr account [fkr].


The view from one of the Relic meeting rooms.

Lake Okanagan

Psych filming across from our apartment

Vancouver's Chinatown

Seattle's Chinatown

The Decemberists at Bumbershoot


Relic Halloween Costume Contest

Switching to a dSLR? I've got some advice for you

Picture of Iron Man taken with the Canon D3100 covered in the article.

Well not me, obviously.  Despite the fancy Iron Man picture above I'm not exactly a pro-style photographer, however people like Ben Hulse [bh] and Kellie Diguangco [rb] are and they weigh in on making the leap from point-and-shoot hobbyist to amateur auteur.  

I've known Ben since high school, we both spent grades 8-12 at Okanagan Mission Secondary [okm].  Part of the sad part of having a fixed word count is that sometimes the details get a bit lost, and so Ben's story about picking up photography thanks to Mr. Feldes' photography course at OKM was cut.  

(A quick look around the OKM website shows that there's now a Ms. Feldes teaching there, which makes me wonder about what happened to Mr. Feldes).  

Regardless of the potential marriages or sex changes for old high school teachers, The Georgia Straight article is now online [tgs] and will be hitting news stands later this week.

Word Cup 2010 in pictures

From a Whitecaps game that I attended during the first days of the World Cup to watching the final game between the Netherlands and Spain with a crowd of hundreds on Granville Street, here are some of the pictures I took during my World Cup 2010.


The Vancouver Whitecaps vs. the Carolina Railhawks @ Swangard Stadium

Whitecaps vs. Carolina Railhawks

Whitecaps vs. Carolina Railhawks

My breakfast at Vancouver sports bar Red Card for the England vs. Slovenia game


Michael at Red Card for the England vs. Germany game

England vs. Germany at Red Card

Watching the World Cup Final between the Netherlands and Spain on Granville Street

FIFA World Cup Final on Granville Street in Vancouver, Canada

FIFA World Cup Final on Granville Street in Vancouver, Canada

FIFA World Cup Final on Granville Street in Vancouver, Canada

FIFA World Cup Final on Granville Street in Vancouver, Canada

FIFA World Cup Final on Granville Street in Vancouver, Canada


We took a family (my parents, my brother, his fiance, Lydia and myself) trip to California over the weekend before I started my new job. I don't really feel like blogging it, but I enjoyed how my Portland picture post turned out so I'll do that again. The rest are on Flickr [flk].