Delme turns on U2...


Delme? Jumped the shark? U2? No way. First off I thought you were All You Can't Leave Behind's major supporter. Back when I argued that it was a step backwards from Pop you argued that it was a slice of heaven. Slowly I came around to your point of view, and now you've changed it? And what is wrong with "Vertigo"? Even Cass likes it, and Cass doesn't like anything.

Personally I have high hopes for the new album.

And I think I'm going to be selling off my old iPod and getting a 60 gig photo one. Both because I said I'd bump up to 60 gigs when one with 60 gigs came out, and because the photo feature is kind of nice. The U2 iPod is cool, but as I said before, at 20 gigs it's not enough and it's not small enough (or cheap enough) for me to get as just a kind of weekend iPod the way I was looking at getting an iPod Mini.